Here we have notes about networking setup in Avocado-VT.


How to configure to allow all the traffic to be forwarded across the virbr0 bridge: Execute the command

$ echo "-I FORWARD -m physdev --physdev-is-bridged -j ACCEPT" > /etc/sysconfig/iptables-forward-bridged
$ lokkit --custom-rules=ipv4:filter:/etc/sysconfig/iptables-forward-bridged
$ service libvirtd reload

Configure Static IP address in Avocado-VT

Sometimes, we need to test with guest(s) which have static ip address(es).

  • e.g. No real/emulated DHCP server in test environment.
  • e.g. Test with old image we don’t want to change the net config.
  • e.g. Test when DHCP exists problem.

Create a bridge (for example, ‘vbr’) in host, configure its ip to, guest can access host by it. And assign nic(s)’ ip in tests.cfg, and execute test as usual.


ip_nic1 =
nic_mac_nic1 = 11:22:33:44:55:67
bridge = vbr



The Ntttcp test suite is a network performance test for windows, developed by Microsoft. It is not a freely redistributable binary, so you must download it from the website, here’s the direct link for download (keep in mind it might change):

The knowledge base article associated with it is:

You need to add the package to winutils.iso, the iso with utilities used to test windows. First, download the iso. The get started documentation can help you out with downloading if you like it, but the direct download link is here:

You need to put all its contents on a folder and create a new iso. Let’s say you want to download the iso to /home/kermit/Downloads/winutils.iso. You can create the directory, go to it:

$ mkdir -p /home/kermit/Downloads
$ cd /home/kermit/Downloads

Download the iso, create 2 directories, 1 for the mount, another for the contents:

$ wget
$ mkdir original
$ sudo mount -o loop winutils.iso original
$ mkdir winutils

Copy all contents from the original cd to the new structure:

$ cp -r original/* winutils/

Create the destination ntttcp directory on that new structure:

$ mkdir -p winutils/NTttcp

Download the installer and copy autoit script to the new structure, unmount the original mount:

$ cd winutils/NTttcp
$ wget -O "winutils/NTttcp/"
$ cp /usr/local/autotest/client/virt/scripts/ntttcp.au3 ./
$ sudo umount original

Backup the old winutils.iso and create a new winutils.iso using mkisofs:

$ sudo mv winutils.iso winutils.iso.bak
$ mkisofs -o winutils.iso -max-iso9660-filenames -relaxed-filenames -D --input-charset iso8859-1 winutils

And that is it. Don’t forget to keep winutils in an appropriate location that can be seen by Avocado-VT.