How tests are runΒΆ

When running tests Avocado-VT will:

  1. Get a dict with test parameters
  2. Based on these params, prepare the environment - create or destroy vm instances, create/check disk images, among others
  3. Execute the test itself, that will use several of the params defined to carry on with its operations, that usually involve: - If a test did not raise an exception, it PASSed - If a test raised a TestFail exception, it FAILed. - If a test raised a TestNAError, it SKIPPED. - Otherwise, it ERRORed.
  4. Based on what happened during the test, perform cleanup actions, such as killing vms, and remove unused disk images.

The list of parameters is obtained by parsing a set of configuration files The command line options usually modify even further the parser file, so we can introduce new data in the config set.