Contributions Guidelines and Tips


Contributions of additional tests and code are always welcome. If in doubt, and/or for advice on approaching a particular problem, please contact the projects members (see section _collaboration) Before submitting code, please review the git repository configuration guidelines.

To submit changes, please follow these instructions. Please allow up to two weeks for a maintainer to pick up and review your changes. Though, if you’d like help at any stage, feel free to post on the mailing lists and reference your pull request.


Please edit the documentation directly to correct any minor inaccuracies or to clarify items. The preferred markup syntax is ReStructuredText, keeping with the conventions and style found in existing documentation. For any graphics or diagrams, web-friendly formats should be used, such as PNG or SVG.

Avoid using ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘they’, as they can be ambiguous in reference documentation. It works fine in conversation and e-mail, but looks weird in reference material. Similarly, avoid using ‘unnecessary’, off-topic, or extra language. For example in American English, “Rinse and repeat” is a funny phrase, but could cause problems when translated into other languages. Basically, try to avoid anything that slows the reader down from finding facts.