Sets the name of an image file.

If the image file is not a block device (see image_raw_device) the actual file created will be named accordingly (together with the extension, according to image_format).

When this configuration key is used without a suffix, it’s setting the name of all images without a specific name. The net effect is that it sets the name of the ‘default’ image. Example:

# Guests
    - @Linux:
            - Fedora:
                    - 15.64:
                        image_name = f15-64

This example means that when a Fedora 15 64 bits is installed, and has a backing image file created, it’s going to be named starting with ‘f15-64’. If the image_format specified is ‘qcow2’, then the complete filename will be ‘f15-64.qcow2’.

When this configuration key is used with a suffix, it sets the name of a specific image. Example:

# Tests
    - block_hotplug: install setup image_copy unattended_install.cdrom
        images += " stg"
        image_name_stg = storage