Sets the list of monitors that a VM currently has running. See [ QEMU has two types of monitors:

  • The regular, also known as Human monitor, intended for interaction with people (but also very much used by other tools, Autotest inclusive)
  • The QMP monitor, a monitor that speaks the QMP protocol.

Usually a VM will have a single monitor, and that will be a regular Human monitor:

monitors = humanmonitor1
main_monitor = humanmonitor1
monitor_type_humanmonitor1 = human
monitor_type = human

The monitor type is defined by monitor_type.

Here’s a more detailed exaplanation of the configuration snippet above:

monitors = humanmonitor1

The default VM will have only one monitor, named humanmonitor1.

main_monitor = humanmonitor1

The main monitor will also be humanmonitor1. When a test has to talk to a monitor, it usually does so through the main monitor.

monitor_type_humanmonitor1 = human

This configuration sets the specific type of the humanmonitor1 to be human.

monitor_type = human

And finally this configuration sets the default monitor type also to be human.

Suppose you define a new monitor for your VMs:

monitors += ' monitor2'

Unless you also define:

monitor_type_monitor2 = qmp

monitor2 will also be a human monitor.

Used By

Note: most tests that interact with the monitor do so through the monitor property of the VM class, and not by evaluating this parameter value. This is usally only done by the VM class.

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