Development workflow after the Repository Split

  1. Fork the test provider you want to contribute to in github

  1. Clone the forked repository. In this example, we’ll assume you cloned the forked repo to
  1. Add a file in ~/avocado/data/avocado-vt/test-providers.d, with a name you like. We’ll assume you chose
  1. Contents of user-libvirt.ini:
uri: file:///home/user/code/tp-libvirt
subdir: libvirt/
subdir: libguestfs/
subdir: lvsb/
subdir: v2v/
  1. This should be enough. Now, when you use --list-tests, you’ll be able to see entries like:
1 user-libvirt.unattended_install.cdrom.extra_cdrom_ks.default_install.aio_native
2 user-libvirt.unattended_install.cdrom.extra_cdrom_ks.default_install.aio_threads
3 user-libvirt.unattended_install.cdrom.extra_cdrom_ks.perf.aio_native
  1. Modify tests, or add new ones to your heart’s content. When you’re happy with your changes, you may create branches and send us pull requests.